Sidewalk Cleaning in Houston, Texas

Our sidewalk cleaning services are designed to keep entry areas of your business looking pristine at all times.  Depending on the amount of traffic and type of business you have, we can custom a sidewalk cleaning maintenance program at affordable rates to prevent unsightly build up of grease, oil, gum, and other stains that can build up over time.  Customers that visit your shopping center’s or restaurants, have the peace of mind knowing that the property manager or business owner care’s enough about their customers to keep the sidewalks cleaned.

We use professional equipment and surface cleaners that provide a uniform and consistent clean throughout the duration of the maintenance contract.  No more ugly stripes from a pressure washing wand, causing the sidewalk to get dirty faster.  Our sidewalk cleaning maintenance program, also prevents those expensive one time cleanings that have your sidewalks looking good only for a few weeks.

Please call or text us at 281-541-0511 and we’ll be happy to create a sidewalk cleaning program customized for your needs!