About Us

Thank you for visiting Houston Sidewalk Cleaning.  Our company primarily focus is on cleaning sidewalks for shopping centers, medical offices, office buildings, restaurants, HOA’s, and any other property that requires sidewalk and concrete cleaning.  Our concrete maintenance cleaning programs keep your sidewalks clean and safe year year round, preventing large one time cleaning fee’s that are caused by allowing dirt, grease, oil, algae, and gum to build up through out the year. 


Using our commercial grade professional equipment we can safely remove gum from concrete surfaces without damaging or scarring the concrete that can be caused by using to much pressure. Grease and oil stains are cleaned using our completely safe cleaning detergent’s that won’t harm the environment or your customer traffic. We also clean dumpster pads and offer maintenance cleaning contracts for those as well.  


Property Managers and Owners love knowing that the front of there properties are kept cleaned on a regular basis, increasing foot traffic for tenants, and keeping spaces rented in the center.


We can be reached by phone, call or text at 281-541-0511, or email us at [email protected]